What is the H2A visa program? 

The US government has set up a program, called H2A, for temporary or seasonal foreign help on your farm where you are unable to find suitable US workers.  As a practical matter, except for one-time farm projects, such as construction of a farm building, the program is generally limited to seasonal farmers with annual seasons of 10 months or less.

  How does the process work? 

There are 3 steps in the process.  First, you have to advertise for US workers, both with the state employment service and

in classified advertising.  Then, you need to obtain a labor certification from the US department of labor that you have advertised for US workers and could not find them.  Then, you need to apply with the US immigration people to hire foreign workers based on the labor certification.  Once that is approved, your foreign workers can visit the US consulate in their country to obtain a visa to enter the US and your employ.  We at Farm Hands will prepare all the paperwork and will walk

you through all the steps.

  What do I have to do for our workers? 

Because you first have to try to hire US workers, you have to offer certain minimum compensation and benefits to your workers, whether US or the H2A people we recruit for you.  You have to pay them a published minimum wage (which varies

state by state, approximately $11 - $14 per hour). You must guarantee them work for at least 75% of the work days during their contract period, and provide them with workers compensation insurance, accomodation, transportation to and

from work, and either meals (for which you can charge a fee of about $12 per day) or access to cooking facilities for them

to prepare their own food.  Finally, once the worker has worked for you at least half the contract period, you need to reimburse for their transportation expenses from their homes to your place of employment.

   Why should I use Farm Hands? 

Quite frankly, because we can get you a better class of worker.  The countries of eastern Europe, from where we recruit,  

have been in depression since the breakup of the Soviet Union.  The workers we have access to are English-speaking, in many cases university educated and with agricultural experience, and are eager to do jobs US workers shun.  Let us set

up a no-cost, no-obligation interview for you and you can decide for yourself.

  What if there is a problem? 

Contact Us! 

We make our money from repeat business, and want to know about and to solve any problems as they occur.

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