How does the H-2A Visa process work? 

There are 4 steps in the process, which we handle on your behalf


1) Advertise for workers in the U.S., both with the state employment service and in classified advertising. 

2) Obtain a labor certification from the U.S. department of labor stating that you have advertised for US workers and could not find any. 

3) Apply with the U.S. immigration service to hire foreign workers based on the labor certification. 

4) Upon receiving approved from the U.S. immigration service, your foreign workers visit the U.S. consulate in their country to obtain a visa to enter the U.S. and your employ. 

We at Farm Hands will prepare all the paperwork and will walk you through all the steps


What do I have to do for our workers? 

1) Minimum hourly wages for H-2A workers are set by Labor Department surveys (Adverse Affect Wage Rate). They vary by state (approximately $11 - $13 per hour) and are designed not to undercut U.S. workers performing similar work in that state.

2) You have to guarantee workers get paid for at least 75% of the scheduled work days during their contract period 

3) You provide them with workers compensation insurance, accommodation, transportation to and from work

4) Workers must be provided with 3 meals (for which you can charge a fee of about $12 per day) or access to cooking facilities enabling them to prepare their own food.

5) If workers will be preparing their own food, you need to provide them transportation to a local supermarket once per week 

6) Once the worker has completed half the contract period, you reimburse them for half their transportation expenses from their home to your place of employment

7) Once the worker has completed the entire contract period, you reimburse them for the remaining half of their transportation expenses