My name is Pavlo, which is Ukrainian for “Paul.” I am 24 years old and graduated from the dental department of Ivano-Frankivsk (Ukraine) medical university. During my studies, I also worked as a trainer of mixed arts for about 3 years. I am also a master of sports of Ukraine and Best Trainer of 2013. In 2013, I worked as a coach in the gym. Currently, I am working as a dental assistant and a trainer of mixed martial arts, which is my hobby.

I am a reliable and hardworking person who enjoys teamwork and is always motivated during work. I am good at work organization and socializing with people. As a sportsperson, I know how to set goals and achieve them. I am a healthy and physically strong man, and have no problems with hard physical labor. In addition, I like exploring new things, especially other countries and cultures. That is one of the reasons why I am currently searching for farm work. I want to gain new experience, and I am quick at learning new skills.

Speaking about my farm experience, when I was at school, every summer I used to stay at my grandparents' small farm in the Carpathian mountains. I helped them with hens, piglets and calves. I enjoy caring for animals, so I hope I’ll be a useful and cooperative worker on your farm, too.


Here are some of the experienced, English-speaking workers who are ready and able to work on your farm. 

You can interview them face-to-face through the internet before you hire them. 

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My name is Yurii. I’m 35 years old, and am from from Ivano-Frankivsk, a city in western Ukraine. I’m married and I have a nine year old son. I am a graduate of our pedagogical university. Currently, I work as a branch manager of the Lviv Company in Ivano-Frankivsk. I have two managers and a brigade of workers under my supervision. Our company produces pavement for roads. My job demands that I be responsible, sociable and organized to keep customers happy, which is why I’m able to work in a team. Besides, I enjoy it.

I have a little experience in working on the farm. Every year our company is closed for three months in winter, because our product is seasonal. During this period I work on a goat farm. I have loved domestic animals since my childhood. As a child I used to help both of my grandmothers in the countryside to care for rabbits, goats, hens, duck, geese. I am used to hard work in the field, and I’m not afraid of it.

In my free time I like drawing, sports, martial arts and cycling. I am an active, sociable, adaptable, easygoing, industrious and organized person. These traits of character help me to be competitive in my life. Aside from that, I’m cooperative and a quick learner. I hope these skills will help to be useful on your farm.

My name is Yaroslav and I’m from Drohobych in western Ukraine. I’m working as an online English teacher. I studied English at the university.

I’m 23 years old. I grew up in my native town but every summer I would go to either my mom’s or dad’s parents and help them around in the countryside. I mostly worked with cattle and poultry. Most of the time I spent preparing hay for winter. I have been doing it since I was a child.

I graduated from the Ivan Franko Pedagogical University in 2017. English is my major. I also have experience working in the USA. In May through August, 2013, I worked at Wendy’s. 

I am convinced that this experience will be helpful.

I am very punctual and a hard working person. Books and musical instruments and soccer are all my hobbies. I hope 
to work on your farm soon.

My name is Iryna, pronounced “ee-RINN-ah,” Ukrainian for “Irene.” I was born in Ivano–Frankivsk, a town in the west of Ukraine. I’m 31, I’m married and I have a 9-year old son.

In 2007, I graduated from the university, am a teacher by profession, and teach in a school. Working in a team isn’t difficult for me, because as a teacher I’m always among different people. I enjoy working with people. I love children and they love me. I get along with people easily.

I love animals and I love caring for them. My parents live in the countryside and they have domestic animals. I often visit my parents and help them with domestic animals and household. I also work as a volunteer on a horse farm near my town. I do this because I’m crazy about horses. I feed them, brush them. I can ride horses, and spend time with them. These beautiful animals give me both joy and pleasure.

In my free time I go cycling and play tennis. I’m also into reading and listening to music. I am a responsible, organized and outgoing person. I’m a quick learner and I long to learn new things all the time. I’d really like to work on your farm and hope I will be useful there.

My name is Roman and I’m 47 years old. I’m from Drohobych (western Ukraine), married and have got a son and a daughter (both university students).

I finished Drohobych Pedagogical University where I studied Ukrainian and English. Since then I have not used English much, but I expect that while working in the US, my English will all come back to me.

In 2000, I got a master’s degree in economics and human resources. and gained extensive experience of working with people in the town council in a resort town close to Drohobych, where I am currently working. I’m computer literate in all basic Microsoft Office programs and software products necessary to perform professional tasks.

My grandparents and parents have always lived in the countryside.

So I often helped them run their own farms in my free time or on holidays (They grew pigs, rabbits and chickens.) and harvest the crops in their fields.

My hobbies are small household repair and driving. I have had a driving license since1986, and can drive a car, a tractor, and a truck.

I think working on the US farm will be useful for my professional experience and a great support to our family budget. I believe my punctuality, responsibility, self-organization and a desire to learn

will be useful for the work on the farm.

My name is Volodymyr and I am 31 years old. I’m married. My wife’s name is Ann and she is 30 years old. We have not had any children yet.

I was born and grew up in Truskavets, a city in the Lviv region of western Ukraine. When I was a schoolboy, I spent almost all my summer vacations in a village in the Vinnytsya region. My relatives are from there. They farm there and I helped them to feed animals, pasture cows, mow the grass and gather ripe crops.

I graduated from the Ivano-Frankivsk National Technical University of Oil and Gas in 2008. I studied English in secondary school and at the university.

I currently work for an oil and gas company, where I am an a operator

in oil and gas extraction. I have been working at this position for 7 years. My hobby is playing soccer.

I am a responsible, punctual and hardworking young man without pernicious habits. I am ready to face any challenge.

My name is Mykhailo (Ukrainian for “Michael”); I live in the Drohobych region of western Ukraine. I was born on August 21,1978, in a small village in the countryside. Now I'm 38 years old, and have a beautiful daughter, who is a student. In 2001, I graduated from the foreign language department of Drohobych University.

Very often, I help my parents on their farm in the countryside, where they raise chickens, geese, cows, and field crops; I spend nearly all the summer there. I am currently working in commercial grocery stores and part time at a school for young children.

I am a motivated, responsible, punctual and hardworking person, and will be very glad to work on your American farm.

My name is Taras Kardash. I’m 38 years old, married and the father

of two boys. I live in my native town of Drohobych in western Ukraine.

I am a 2001 graduate of the engineering pedagogical department of Drohobych Pedagogical University, and a 2010 graduate of the Lviv commercial academy, where I studied tax and finance.

I worked as assistant professor at Drohobych University between 2002-2004. After that I worked at the bank as a back office manager for 7 years.

In 2012 I did some seasonal work picking up blackberries and cranberries

in Sweden. It was both valuable and interesting experience.

I like traveling, mountain skiing, and hiking. I travel a lot and have been to Poland, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Norway and other European countries.

I can describe myself as a hard-working, responsible and highly organized person. I am reliable, honest, punctual, flexible and have a good sense of humor. I have a drivers license, and can drive cars, tractors and trucks.

I hope that I can be useful on your farm.

My name is Mykhailo (Michael), I am 23. I live in Drogobych in western Ukraine. At my work I do translation and interpreting. I studied English at the university.

I was born and grew up in the countryside. I used to deal with horses, cattle, and poultry. Rural tasks like ploughing, cultivating and making hay are things I am used to doing. I can drive a tractor.

I had a great experience working nine months (December 2015-August 2016) on a horse farm in Germany. While working with horses, I learned also new things about hens, rabbits and pigs.

I now can speak German as well as English.

I am strong-willed and have lots of stamina. Drawing and working out are my hobbies. I am fond of nature and wild animals. I am eager to work on your farm.

​​My name is Vladislav. I am 31 years old. I live in the resort  town of Truskavets in western Ukraine. I studied English at in school and at

the academy. Now I work in a hotel as an administrator and often communicate with foreigners there.  My wife and I have one daughter.

In autumn 2014, I worked as a gardener in Poland, and worked harvesting fruits, pruning trees, and caring for the garden.

From age of 5, I spent every summer with my relatives at their farm

and helped them with their household.

I am responsible, fast learning and orderly at work. I am very

interested in getting a job in your organization and hope to become

a part of your team.